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Kyungwon industry

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Kyungwon Industry is a specialized company that produces piezo plate, R&D leader in the parts industry. We also produces materials and parts for automotive and military sensors based on magnet technology and piezoceramic material technologies.

We have conducted piezoceramic based R&D in the ultrasonic area for a long time and hold our own technologies for underwater sensors and products. Our main product is piezo plate, ultrasonic sensor, sonar sensor, underwater sensor and so on.

Kyungwon Industry has been investing in R&D to be an R&D leader in the parts industry. As a result, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy recognized our piezoelectric parts and actuators as world-class products. We also received the Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit in 2002 and the Presidential Citation in 2015 as a technically innovative SME.

In addition, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups listed Kyungwon Industry in the Top 100 Small and Medium Enterprises in Materials, Parts, and Equipment in 2020.

Moving forward, we will keep changing and challenging to pioneer the future and secure top-class quality and technical capacity based on leading technologies. We will do our best so Kyungwon Industry becomes a company loved by everyone by creating an exciting workplace for employees and satisfying our customers.

Thank you.

Sang-Hee Kim, Chairman of Kyungwon Industry Co., Ltd.