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Korean piezoelectric ceramic manufacturer,
Kyungwon Industry

Kyungwon Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in Gunpo, Gyeonggi-do in 1980 and developed and mass-produced magnets and piezoelectric ceramics for the first time in Korea. We relocated first to the Shihwa National Industrial Complex in 1991.

In the domestic market, which was a barren land for piezoelectric ceramics, we started localization development in early 1990. In 1996, we expanded a ceramic factory, established a company-affiliated research center, and developed piezoelectric ceramics for automobile knock sensor through joint development with KIST. In 2005, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy selected the piezoelectric ceramics produced by our company as Korea's world-class products. Currently, domestic production of piezoelectric ceramics is No. 1.

In 1996, we entered the market by supplying piezoelectric ceramics for knock sensors for automobiles, which had been entirely dependent on imports, to Hyundai Motor Company. Started exporting to global auto parts companies Continental and Bosch in 2005, and achieved the feat of taking the top position (65%) in global market share from 2015 to the present. and proven productivity.

As the largest domestic producer of piezoceramic used in the navy's sonar system in the domestic defense industry, we are striving to increase the defense power of the Republic of Korea.